October 2018 Recap

Male* Allies in the Workplace Post-#MeToo

One Year into the #metoo movement, how do we build corporate culture that encourages male allyship and sponsorship of women?

Thank you to everyone who participated in and attended our October event. If you missed out or want to relive any highlights from the night you can check out the full recap here and pictures from the evening below!

*When we refer to male, men, female or women, we are inclusive of all who identify with these pronouns including cis, trans, gender-fluid and gender-nonconforming persons.


  • "The presentation was full of valuable insights!"

  • "Very strong panel with a diverse set of backgrounds, experience levels, and perspectives."
  • "The event provided some insights that I hadn't heard before when the conversation of diversity and inclusion in the hiring process comes up. For example, Diane mentioning the Rooney Principle is an actionable takeaway that, as a hiring manager, I could begin practicing right away."

  • "I loved how diverse the panel was!"
  • "Straightforward questions, candid and actionable answers and feedback. Great, inspirational speakers."

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Thank you to our Presenter & Panelists


Mary Pharris,

Director of Business Development & Partnerships,


Ronald Taylor,

Diversity Officer,

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Aisling McDonagh,

Senior Digital Sales & Strategy Executive

David Iankelevich,

EVP, Sales & Marketing,



Christiana Cacciapuoti,

VP Partnerships & Platform Ops,

MAD Network


Thank you to our Moderators


Cynnie King,

CEO & Owner,

CFW Careers

Rachel Fagnant-Fassler,

President & Owner,

CFW Careers


Thank YOu to Our Host & Sponsors

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Future events

How men can push diversity and be better allies

Ageism, and its effect on women in the workplace

Gender pay equity


Changing the Conversation

Changing the Conversation is an event series co-founded by Cynnie King, Rachel Fagnant-Fassler and Maria Simon, and sponsored by CFW Careers in collaboration with our team of committed volunteers and advocates.

Having been committed to advancing women in business since our founding 43 years ago, we find it all the more critically important today to take on continued inequality in pay and representation in the workforce. Changing the Conversation is devoted to Advancing Women in Business through programming that moves from identifying the issues, which have been so well documented, to What can we do about it? both in terms of our own careers and corporate and government policy-making. Our belief is that by advancing women toward corporate leadership, we can help all women across the socioeconomic spectrum.

Mission Statement

The mission of Changing the Conversation is to positively impact gender equality within the business sector, seeking equal representation of women in the workforce and in leadership.

This Mission Is Fueled By

  • An interactive event series connecting women executives to peers to create a network committed to advancing female leadership
  • Advocacy in the private and public sectors for policies that support the prominence and permanence of women in the workforce
  • Professional guidance and career development for women in business, including job placement, transition coaching, and mentoring

Praise for Changing The Conversation

  • What a great event! I am so glad I came. I certainly took away a lot.
    — Sherry A., Senior Digital Executive
  • Thank you to you and your team for a delightful event; inspiring, enriching, and I really enjoyed meeting the other attendees! CFW's values really come through everything you do and I love that!
    — Lola D., Brand Manager
  • Have definitely been thinking about that question of how to be a good male ally and use my voice since the event (really since Colby). Most of the time I've come to the conclusion that being there, in the room, is often the best way for me to participate.
    — Ben Z., Fullstack Engineer
Thank you to you and your team for a delightful event; inspiring, enriching, and I really enjoyed meeting the other attendees! CFW's values really come through everything you do and I love that!
— Lola D., Brand Manager

CFW Careers' events and other initiatives for women are inspired by the ideals of our founder, David King, who has been an ardent champion for women in sales leadership for over 40 years. We strive to give voice to women in business, advance their careers, and contribute to the conversation about gender equality in the workplace.