Retaining Talent


Retaining talent includes everything from the moment of hire to years into an employee’s tenure. How you retain your talent informs how you’re attracting new talent, so this becomes key in your long-term employer brand strategy. We help clients develop comprehensive, turn-key onboarding programs, company culture strategies, and employee retention strategy, all designed to minimize the high cost of employee turnover.


Our process begins with a thorough audit of your current onboarding practices. We identify key elements of your current process and opportunities for improvement.


We develop an easy-to-implement and maintain, company specific program. We work together with both the manager and new hires to ensure adoption and a successful outcome.


The cost of replacing an employee can get expensive when you consider the cost of attracting, interviewing, hiring, and training the individual (in addition to the loss you take for not having someone currently in the role!). Improving your onboarding program pays for itself:
- onboarding influences overall employer brand, which is a key reason why employees stay (or leave) a company
- a strong onboarding program (and employer brand) serves to attract new talent to your organization
- companies with strong, positive employer brand often see reductions in the overall cost of new hires relative to companies with weak or negative employer brand.