The Best Way in the World for a Woman to Make Money

Our founder, David W. King wrote a book that woke up the world to an overlooked economic force: women and their ability to sell and succeed in the male dominated world of high level sales. In the book's dedication, he wrote

"To my grandmother, Marie Louise Arthur, a prominent suffragette who cared about her convictions more than that she be remembered for them. May she also be remembered.
o my mother, Helen P. Doiron, whose life is a reflection of fairness and courage, and who never once said to anyone, “I don’t care” or “I won’t help.”
And to my daughter, Ashley, for whom every word is written, and for whom every word is spoken, because she made me care about millions of strangers  whom I would otherwise never want to meet and never want to know."
   — David King, 1979


Kudos for The Best Way in the World for a Woman to Make Money

"Any woman who needs or just wants money—not a little, but a whole lot of the filthy stuff—should read David King's book about the best way in the world to make it. He knows how and tells it superbly! You'd need your own printing press and a bona fide set of Treasury bank note plates to do better."
— Jo Foxworth
            President, Job Foxworth Agency & Author                                of "Boss Lady: An Executive Woman Talks About Making it"

"Here, at last, is the 'missing link' in career guides for women—a book that exposes the pipeline to upper management and leads women unerringly toward its entrance...David King may well be the mentor that so many ambitious women are looking for.
        — Betty Lehan Harrigan
            Author of "Games Mother Never Taught You"

"Women can get the job done—and make big money. David King not only proves it in this book written with Karen Levine, he tells us why women are naturally good at selling and gives the nitty-gritty you need to become successful and well-paid: how to write a resume...find a job, close a deal. Practical, clear, specific."
        — Kate Rand Lloyd 
            Editor in Chief, Working Woman

"This refreshing and down-to-earth book is a sharp contrast with some of the current formulae for success...David King's book is a sane, realistic, and constructive guide for women in business."
        — Rena Bartos
            Senior Vice President, J. Walter Thompson Company

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