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45th Anniversary Edition

In honor of David King, the original male ally.

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"In 1966 , I was a college teacher. In 1967, I was accidentally hired as a sales manager, and my first assignment was to hire 24 salesmen for 24 branch offices throughout the country. I hired women instead because I didn't know any better and a year and a half later I was a vice president. After five years of hiring sales women, I decided to found Careers for Women."

                                                     -- David King

DAVID KING is an ex-college English teacher who became a much discussed business executive by reorganizing the national sales forces and marketing approaches of major corporations: he hired women instead of men.


IN 1973, he founded Careers for Women, Inc., today known as CFW Careers, as a free sales and marketing school for women in New York City.  As a consultant, trainer, and lecturer, Mr. King caused a significant attitudinal change regarding the role of women in business.


IN HONOR of our 45th Anniversary we created this page to celebrate the wisdom he espoused, the women he taught, and the revolution he inspired through his efforts to advance the workplace for all.