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45th Anniversary Edition

In honor of David King, the original male ally.

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"In 1966 , I was a college teacher. In 1967, I was accidentally hired as a sales manager, and my first assignment was to hire 24 salesmen for 24 branch offices throughout the country. I hired women instead because I didn't know any better and a year and a half later I was a vice president. After five years of hiring sales women, I decided to found Careers for Women."

                                                     -- David King

DAVID KING is an ex-college English teacher who became a much discussed business executive by reorganizing the national sales forces and marketing approaches of major corporations: he hired women instead of men.


IN 1973, he founded Careers for Women, Inc., today known as CFW Careers, as a free sales and marketing school for women in New York City.  As a consultant, trainer, and lecturer, Mr. King caused a significant attitudinal change regarding the role of women in business.


IN HONOR of our 45th Anniversary we created this page to celebrate the wisdom he espoused, the women he taught, and the revolution he inspired through his efforts to advance the workplace for all. 

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"Don't create a male fraternity (pants, man, sex). All salespeople need support & encouragement. Examine your environment. Is it one that, without you intending it, is helpful to men more than women? Do the male agents in their male fraternization, exchange helpful information that is unavailable to women?"


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"I think the next great step in the Women's Movement will be the economic step. Every woman should have a career. Every woman should have her own money. As long as you have to ask someone else for your money, you can not be independent and you can not be equal. And when you become economically equal, you will then also become socially, sexually and psychologically equal as well."

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Tip: Don't be afraid-- better "Don't let fear reroute your life."

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"At the beginning, I said I was going to bring you an observation and a problem. I also hope I have brought you an awareness: that women are a great, untapped source of sales talent. I think if you want to be a successful trainer of women, you want, at least once, to see the world through their eyes. 

And with that I will leave you with one last apropos quote from my teacher's background. It was made by a woman named Dorothy, in a book called the Wizard of Oz, after one hell of a storm, and I liken it to the awe-full, exciting experience of a woman entering the strange male world of American Business. Dorothy said, "Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas any more." And that's just about how General Motors looks to Jane Doe."

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they are our refrences (brochure 2a) .jpg
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"I want everyone here to have an autographed book-- so please open this book to the dedication page and read it. Now sign your name beneath it. You now have an autographed book-- and you have the important signature on it-- yours. I'm being very serious. We've been talking about something very important for the last two days. it's called "your life." And believe me, this isn't a dress rehearsal-- this is it. 

I hope you all go out and have a lot of fun and make a lot of money...and don't trust anyone who ever says there's something wrong with those two good things.


THank you for your time."

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