How to Work With CFW

We are so pleased to help you advance your career (or "serve as your career resource")! CFW Careers isn't a typical executive search firm - we strive to be a trusted partner and advocate as you move through the job search process. Here is some additional information to lay the foundation for our working relationship:

  • We want to be a resource throughout your entire career. Even if we don't have the right position for you at the time, we'll keep you in mind for other opportunities that arise, and we'll always be available for you as a sounding board.

  • Know that the CFW team collaborates, sharing candidates and together identifying best fit opportunities. As we learn more about you, we may introduce you to another member of the team if they're addressing a search for which you may be qualified and interested in. Moreover, if you're working with several of us, we keep each other in the loop, monitoring your status and seeking the best outcome.

  • The first step in our process is to schedule a phone call with you to learn more about your background, qualifications, and career direction. If we determine that there is alignment with one or more of our active searches, we'll invite you to meet with us in our office to take our conversation to the next level and discuss the position or positions in greater depth.

  • Be prepared to discuss your resume--we will require an updated version of your resume. If you need help developing this, we can provide tips. And, of course, we're always here to help with formatting and any edits needed.

  • Tell us about yourself. We're interested in highlights of your career story, what you like/didn't like in your past and current positions, your minimum compensation requirements and your ideal next position. This information will be essential in finding positions that are well aligned with what you're seeking. Company culture, size, and industry are also important considerations.

  • Work with us. As we present job opportunities, tell us what you like or didn't like about the position description and how you believe it lines up with your requirements. We rely on your feedback to calibrate our search efforts on your behalf. And we depend upon your contribution to build an effective job submission.

  • Let us assist with your interview prep. If we've scheduled an interview for you, we'll also schedule a call to help you anticipate what to expect during the interview and how to prepare. Our knowledge of the company and hiring manager can give you a competitive edge. After the interview, call us and let us know how it went so we can appropriately manage follow up steps.

  • We're firm believers in thank you notes. While promptness is key in sending a post-interview email, a well written note that builds on an advances the conversation with the hiring manager is even more important. Take the time to get it right!

  • Be open to suggestions. We know what the different hiring managers are looking for on resumes and during interviews, and we want to help you stand out! Sometimes we might suggest edits to a resume, tips for a thank you note, or advice for an interview. We hope you'll be open to what we have to say!

  • Talk to us! We will provide feedback from hiring managers to help you do well in the interview process. And we'll seek your feedback. Your candidate assessment of opportunities and our open dialogue will be essential to our hitting the mark for you.

  • Let us know if you're interviewing with other companies or with other recruiters. Knowing you're in process with other companies and the status of your career search helps us manager opportunities we're addressing with you.

  • Keep us attuned to your search status. If you receive an offer, whether it be through us or not, share your thoughts with us about how you're weighing the decision. We're happy to consult with you on the different factors you're considering and to offer additional resources that may be helpful with your decision making process.

  • Stay in touchIf we have the position outcome of placing you in a position, we'll stay in touch with you as you on board and get up to speed. We encourage you to consider us as an additional support, setting you up for success!