Why Companies Choose CFW Careers

Asking Questions And Having Frank Conversations Enables Us To Get To The Heart Of What Matters Most To Our Clients.
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Stress-Free Recruiting

We partner with our clients to gain a deep understanding of who they’re looking for, from skillset to culture add, enabling us to vet candidates based not just on their resume, but whether they’re truly right for the role and your team. We provide transparency through the process and feedback on market trends and candidate perceptions helping clients make their positions as attractive as possible.


Strategic Partners

We work with clients to define their employer brand and bake those values into their hiring processes. We offer insights and support for managers who are often stretched thin, including industry expertise around the candidate market, best practices in hiring, and building a long-lasting, scalable employer brand.


Onboarding & Retention

Growing a team may be the first step, but a team with high turnover is no team at all. We provide custom-built onboarding programs and employee engagement initiatives in a train-the-trainer approach, for lasting, sustainable positive team culture.

Diversity & Inclusion

We guide clients on how to attract diverse talent, hire without bias, identify candidates not just for culture-fit but culture-add. We partner with our companies to create inclusive workplaces that harness the power of unique perspectives.