Eugenia Neri, Talent Consultant

Eugenia is originally from Venezuela, the country of beautiful beaches and the world's tallest waterfall (featured in the movie Up!), and brings a much-needed second language fluency to the CFW office! She recently graduated from Boston College, where she majored in Psychology.  After an undergraduate career filled with psychology research and clinical experiences, she realized that organizational psychology and its related applied fields (recruiting!) spoke to what she liked best about psychology: listening to and learning about other people's stories. On the weekends, you can find Eugenia eating arepas with friends or spending time with one of her many (23!) cousins in the area. In the wintertime, she’s been known to enjoy hitting the slopes on her snowboard. 

"Boston College instilled Jesuit ideals—guiding us to become men and women dedicated to serving others.  Working at CFW Careers has allowed me to live that ideal.  Every day someone shares with me a part of their story, and I attempt to give back by helping people navigate through a crucial aspect of their life, career development. I love coming to work with a team of passionate and dedicated individuals. We lead with kindness, both in how we interact with each other, as well as with candidates and clients. This environment not only enables me to grow professionally but also personally--something I am thankful for every day." Learn more →