Why you should care about on-boarding

We are launching on-boarding and employer brand consulting services, and we wanted to share a bit about what that entails and why it matters! A great on-boarding program is really important when building up your employer brand. Just ask Steve Shannon, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Critical Mention: “Working with CFW on our on-boarding process really strengthened our game.  While we thought we were organized, CFW took our sales rep on-boarding process to a new level, with speed and efficiency that had our newest sales hire rapidly and more effectively engaged in what we hired them to do: sell!  I highly recommend!

CFW Spotlight on Optimizely: Excellence in Training

Optimizely, an A/B testing and personalization platform for web and mobile, has created an impressive training program, and it’s paying off. The company, which employs nearly 400 people in New York City, San Francisco, London, Amsterdam, and Cologne, has no trouble attracting and keeping talent. Read on to learn more about how...

Top 5 Rules for Hiring in 2016

Here at CFW Careers, we’ve been reflecting on the most notable trends and takeaways in the hiring process as we rapidly approach 2016. From marketing an attractive employer brand (and yes, that extends beyond unlimited snacks and ping pong tables!) to offering competitive salaries and career advancement, we’ve noticed a number of factors that impact the hiring process.

Here are our top 5 rules to know about hiring going into the New Year...

What's in a Name: The Importance of Employer Brand

Contrary to Juliet’s belief, a name holds enormous weight. In business, a name is a brand. In today’s corporate climate, it’s what comes to mind when someone thinks or hears a company’s name. Billions of dollars have been spent on this premise—marketing a company brand—with a focus on the customer. Today, a different aspect of company brand has emerged as equally important: employer brand, the building block for team growth and subsequent customer base growth. The question on everybody’s mind: how important is employer brand, and what impacts it?