Give Your Interview Process a Facelift

Despite the sometimes-grueling nature of interviewing, it's a critical period for every company. Word-of-mouth is one of the fastest ways a company's culture and employer reputation spreads. If a candidate has a positive interview experience, they're more likely to spread the word that yours is a great company to work for, so we wanted to share some advice on how to make sure that you're leaving candidates with a positive impression from day one. We spoke with Michaela Kron, PR Manager at Duolingo, to get an idea of what made her own interview experience with her new company a positive one. 

Top 5 Tips for Your Job Search in 2016

As we ring in the New Year here at CFW Careers, we’ve been reviewing what we’ve learned from our candidates about the job market and interview process these past 12 months. From getting the most out of your recruiter experience to finding a company that meets your needs (Beer on tap? Check! Career advancement potential? Check!), we’ve compiled a short list of key lessons for your job search in 2016.

Below are our top 5 tips to know about the job search going into the New Year