Summer Job Hunt? 9 Tips to beat the heat and show up to your interviews looking fresh

Photo by Tomwang112/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Tomwang112/iStock / Getty Images

As if interviews don’t make us nervous enough, during these few months of summer we have to contend with the suffocating mugginess that is summer in the city. Here are our favorite tips and tricks to stop that sweat in its tracks. Well, maybe we can’t promise to stop it, but we can make you seem like some sort of sweat-immune deity. Interviewers will bow down and worship your crisp button-downs and matte foreheads. To the tips!


1. Go ahead and splurge on that cab fare: There is nothing like standing on the subway and feeling that trickle down your back, amiright!? It’s terrible. Do everyone a favor, hop in a cab and bask in the air conditioning all the way to your interview. You’re not only mitigating later damage control, but your fellow New Yorkers will thank you—the less people on the subway, the better. Consider it an investment in your future.


2. Up is the new down: Rock a chic up-do. Short hair? Keep it that way and be sure to carry some extra hair gel.


3. Be smart, don’t wear light gray: Opt for dark colors (or white) and natural fabrics. Check out this black sleeveless number from our fave shop for professional garb, MM.LaFleur. If you’re not into dresses, these linen shirts are pretty cool, pun intended.


4. Bring a back-up: If you’re opting for a shirt or blouse, bring a back-up. Give yourself a few extra minutes (you should always allow extra time for an interview anyways), and pop into a local chain bathroom (Pret is a fan favorite) for a quick wardrobe change.


5. Save the face for last: While you’re in that bathroom, go ahead and give yourself a quick touch-up. As your mom has been telling you for years, you’re gorgeous. But if anything could mar the perfection that is your face, it’s 90-degree weather and a humidity index of 80%. Burts Bees Cleansing Facial Wipes are a dream. If you wear makeup, now is the time to apply it!


6. Take a breath: You’ve come this far. Now it’s just a quick walk from your luxurious green room, toilet and all, to the office building where your potential future life awaits. Walk slowly and once you’re in, stop to take a breath or collect yourself in the lobby or atrium.


7.  Battle of the blazer: If you have to wear a jacket, keep it off until you’re in the building. You can put it on in the lobby, while checking in with security, or in the elevator on your way up. Just make sure you’re not caught red handed, tugging it on while the doors open onto your waiting interviewer.


8. Hands of steel: Sweaty hands are every interviewee’s nightmare. You’re nervous so your hands get clammy, which makes you more nervous, and the cycle continues from there. The added heat won’t help. We’ve heard two great tricks that people to use to counteract this: Purell or Baby Powder. The alcohol in Purell will briefly dry out those soggy paws, and baby powder will soak up the excess sweat.


9. Don’t rush: This is probably the most underrated advice you’ve been getting for years and ignoring at every turn. Leaving yourself enough time (which includes extra time, by the way) will give you the opportunity to focus on the interview itself instead of the traffic and the ONE TIME you landed in a taxi that is actually piloted by a safe driver. (How dare you abide by the traffic laws!) Worst case scenario you hang out in that café for an extra few minutes and review the job description and/or your talking points one more time. (A little extra preparation never hurt.)


You now hold the keys to working that interview circuit like a pro. Get out there and make us proud!


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