Panelist Spotlight: Stephanie Sandberg, Out Leadership

We're thrilled to feature panelist Stephanie Sandberg, Director of Out Leadership and President of Sandberg Consulting, in a spotlight for our upcoming Changing the Conversation event on April 26th! Below, you can read about her experience with a challenging boss, trusting your gut, and the correlation between corporate diversity and greater equality. 

Stephanie Sandberg, Out Leadership & Sandberg Consulting

Stephanie Sandberg, Out Leadership & Sandberg Consulting

Describe a challenge that you’ve overcome in your career.

I once had a boss who was very talented and smart, but insecure. I began receiving attention for my creativity and smarts, so senior leaders began to seek me out for their projects. My boss began putting strictures into place - no meeting with a managing director without her and no accepting assignments without clearing it with her. Of course, the quality of the projects I was allowed to engage in was diminished.


First, I did what she asked, with one exception -- and she put a note in my HR file for it. After that, I went to her boss, who provided terrific input: 1) I should never have had a meeting that she didn't want me to have; and 2) he was firing her that evening, so we could all breathe easier.


In this case, I did not handle it correctly, but I learned more from my mishandling of the situation. In future, it's best not to cross your boss, but always good to go find help elsewhere if you can't negotiate it well enough directly. 


What’s a piece of advice you wish you could give your former self?

Trust your gut, and stand up for yourself. 


Why do you care about corporate diversity? 

I care about corporate diversity because it will help drive equality across all minority communities - while improving business results.


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