CFW Spotlight On: eMarketer

David Iankelevich, EVP Sales and Marketing, eMarketer

David Iankelevich, EVP Sales and Marketing, eMarketer


eMarketer is a dynamic digital insights platform that provides marketers with a complete and clear view of the complicated digital marketing landscape. We spoke with their EVP of Sales and Marketing, David Iankelevich, to get a better sense of what it's like to work at this industry leader!




Who is eMarketer an opportunity for, and why?

eMarketer provides our clients with the market data and analysis needed to understand the impact of digital marketing, media and ecommerce on consumer behavior and business today.  


Given the fast pace of change in today’s business landscape and profound impact of digital, it is more important than ever to have the trusted forecasts and insights that eMarketer is the leader in providing.

Give us a sense of what you’re selling at eMarketer?

eMarketer is an opportunity for people who are inquisitive, hard-working, intelligent, motivated to succeed and want to be at the forefront of this digital transformation. 


We’ve been around for over 20 years, so employees who join eMarketer are stepping into a respected brand with the eMarketer name opening doors to many prospective customers. We’ve recently made a huge investment to retool the platform for today’s customers, focusing on the user experience, making information easier to use and access. We’ve added features such as dynamic charting and a new search engine that allows customers to access information much faster than ever before.   We are continuously evolving and investing in our product, business and team to add value to our customers and stay the leader in this space.

Tell us a bit about the opportunity for internal growth and professional development at eMarketer?

We really believe in the concept of getting the right people on the bus, and then moving people throughout the company. I’m an example of that: I started in front line sales, and have since had opportunities to lead sales teams, build out the marketing team, and now I’m EVP of Sales and Marketing. There are many similar examples of people coming into the organization and not only being promoted but also stepping into new roles, and we really encourage that.


Ultimately, we aim to create an environment that allows people to succeed, and helps them develop and grow. We’ve worked on adding more segments to our sales team, giving people achievable targets and opportunities to take on new challenges as they develop.


To that end, we’ve invested heavily in our sales management team. We have managers for each segment of our sales team (SDR, SMB, Mid-Market, and Corporate), so that we can better provide our sales team with the support they need to develop their sales talent, achieve their goals, and advance their careers.

What has motivated or enabled you to maintain the years-long partnership with CFW? How is our recruiting process different from other firms that you partner with?

Of course, CFW understands our business needs, but it’s their relationships with the candidates that enables them to help us find the right fit for the long-term. CFW really focuses on who their candidates are, and what they’re seeking with the next step in their career. They’re not just filling job orders; they’re trying to match the right person for the role.


Over the years, CFW has proven themselves to be a partner to us, not just helping us fill roles, but enabling us to better understand what we need.  From how the market is evolving from profiles to compensation, we look to CFW to keep our fingers on the pulse of the hiring and recruiting landscape.