CFW Spotlight On: Managed by Q

Managed by Q is the platform for office management. Q makes it easy to run an office by connecting companies to services, including cleaning, maintenance, office administration, IT, and security. A solution for recurring and ad-hoc office needs, Q saves companies valuable time and supports office operations for thousands of businesses nationwide. We spoke with Dan Corwin, VP Revenue, about what it’s like to work at the booming start-up.

What makes Managed by Q a great place to work?

As a mission driven company, Managed by Q is comprised of people who really care about the work and love what they do, so the environment is both challenging and motivating. As a company, we are guided by 7 principles that impact our daily culture. These principles are integrated into daily life through our weekly All Hands meetings, quarterly reviews, and even our bi-annual Q Awards.

As a growing start-up, everyone has a founder mentality. Even though we sometimes stay a little late, nobody ever feels like they would want to go home earlier. Often times, even after the work is done, people will hang out with their colleagues, which makes it a really fun, lively culture.

Overall, it’s just a great, fast-growing business. It’s a tremendous opportunity to be changing the office management industry, doing something that’s never been done before. It’s great for those who are intellectually motivated and looking for a challenge.

What are the career opportunities in the company? 

Development of our people is key to our culture. From a structural point of view, we are very careful to have levels and clearly defined guidelines on how you can progress through each of those levels to advance your career.

Beyond the intentional career path, we focus on professional development of our team through workshops. We have a large, experienced People team, and they develop workshops around subjects like manager training and team metrics. We also use a lot of one-on-one coaching and development for our newer hires.

What’s it like getting started in the job?

The first two weeks on the job here at Q are very structured. We get you set up with IT, do an orientation, and then break up your trainings between morning and afternoon classes, led by managers. We break the material up so it’s easier to process and internalize. The company is very collaborative, so existing team members help newer members considerably.

We incorporate concrete tasks (e.g., in sales we might have new employees source five new leads), and we build in certifications along the way. The idea is that by the time you are on the phones, you are completely comfortable navigating the conversation. Going forward, we set very clear quantitative and qualitative guidelines, broken down by week, throughout the three months of onboarding.

Finally, we have an immersion day every month, where each department head speaks (or conducts an exercise with) the new hires. This gives the new hires a better understanding of the responsibilities of each department, and how they work together.

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