Changing the Conversation: April 20, 2017

At CFW Careers, we’ve been devoted to helping women advance their careers since our founding by David King in 1973. While we’ve contributed to progress over the past decades, we all recognize that much work remains to be done to achieve equality for women in the workplace. This inspired CFW’s Rachel Fagnant-Fassler and Cynnie King and friend of the firm Maria Simon to launch the Changing the Conversation event series in 2015. 

Coming into 2017, we’re taking the event series to the next level, not just inspiring individual careers, but looking at the organizational context and the need to engender a corporate culture and corporate structures that create pathways to leadership for women. Co-founder Rachel Fagnant-Fassler noted, “There’s a lot in the news about women’s struggles in the tech arena, but it’s an issue across industry sectors. And while sales has always been a functional focus for us, it’s more broadly something that impacts all women in the work place.”

Cynnie King added, “We want to help effect change and we believe that part of that is translating words into action. As a for instance, our April 20th event will kick off with Project Mine the Gap from Washington, DC presenting the business case for Why Women in Leadership is Good for Business (and good for us all!). Attendees will leave with ammunition to not only inform their own career paths, but also prompt conversations in their organizations.”

With a stand out panel (including executives from host StackOverflow, AppNexus and LinkedIn) and a dynamic moderator, Rabia de Lande Long, the event is anticipated to draw 100+ attendees.

Join us on April 20th from 6:30-8:30 at Stack Overflow to be a part of the conversation on implementing change for equality!