2017: A Snapshot

2017 threw a lot at us, and we wanted to take a minute to reflect back on some of what stuck! A few things that stood out...

About our candidates. This was the year of the "passive candidate," with only about half of our candidates reporting that they were actively seeking new opportunities. Moreover, we were flattered to learn that 74% of our candidates were working exclusively with CFW for their job search needs. 

A year of challenges. Unless you've been living under a rock, you're probably aware that this year came with a number of challenges. From the job-search perspective, besides simply finding the right "overall fit", a few of the difficulties our candidates dealt with included figuring out how to make a career transition (either changing their job function or their industry), finding opportunities that represent significant career growth (rather than lateral moves), and finding enough time to apply and interview.

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But it also had it's perks. Like unlimited vacation policies. Flexible work hours. And, our personal favorite, company-sponsored sabbaticals! Just a few of the best benefits we heard companies were offering our candidates in 2017.





Training was key! From our candidates...we heard that, above all else, they were looking for opportunities with formal training processes and professional development opportunities. From our clients...the need for management training around topics like interviewing and attracting talent were big this year, and we customized programs to meet those needs. With 2018 shaping up to be a heavy hiring year, we're excited to keep delivering manager training that helps managers make the hiring process more efficient and effective. If you want to learn more as you plan your L&D budget for 2018, email Stephanie (stephanie@cfwcareers.com).



We #ChangedTheConversation. On the national stage, this was the year of #MeToo. But in our CFW community, this year saw renewed energy and actionable insights in our #ChangingConvo series, focused on the struggle for 50% female leadership in corporate America. We took our events to new heights, with sponsorships (thanks Stack OverflowZocDoc and Moore Brothers Wine!), record numbers of male allies in our audience and on our panels!, and a presentation by Project Mine the Gap--all great momentum leading us into our April 2018 event. We even added an Instagram account and have been steadily increasing our presence there. Follow us @cfw_changingconvo. 

And with that, we eagerly look forward to ringing in 2018 and all the new year has in store for us. Happy Holidays everyone!

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