Changing the Conversation: Empowering Women in Business

Changing the Conversation, Empowering Women in Business, CFW Careers, eMarketer

Last week we hosted our third event in the Changing the Conversation: Empowering Women in Business series. Set in the sleek, open office of eMarketer, a leading market research and industry insights firm, over 70 women of all ages and industries joined us for the morning event.

Changing the Conversation, Empowering Women in Business, CFW Careers, eMarketer

Our guests networked with one another over coffee and pastries, and our president, Cynnie King, introduced the series, moderated by Rabia de Lande Long, Executive Coach Management Consultant at Chartwell Advisors, Inc. Our panelists, four exceptional women leaders at various points in their careers, shared personal stories and advice on everything from managing change (both within an organization, and in your personal career) to diversity in the workplace.

In case you missed it…

Lisa Church, President, eMarketer:

  • "Run towards change instead of digging your heels in. That's when you become a leader in the organization."
  • Advice to those starting off in their career: “Develop an area of expertise early on, and make your value known.”

Liz Elting, CEO, TransPerfect:

  •  “If we have the education, motivation and brains to be a leader, why shouldn't we be?”
  • “Don’t be a follower…be a leader.” She notes that if you can’t be successful in your current role, “create your own space.”

Lori Blinder Barr, Director of Buyer Platforms, Tremor Video:

  • “Be true to yourself…. If your gut is telling you something, don’t be headstrong.”
  •  “Don't let yourself be led by fear. Embrace change, jump in, and be resilient.”

Maria Simon, International Territory Manager, LAC, Schoology:

  •  “Knowing yourself, knowing your bottom line, knowing your values, that's what makes you confident."
  •  “There is a lack of awareness regarding the many different levels of diversity. Leaders today have a responsibility to support diversity.”

Some of the feedback we’ve heard from attendees…

The panelists and moderator were all top-drawer and I got some new "pearls" of wisdom as a manager in the workplace.

The conversation is an important one and I really enjoyed!

I thought everything was delightful, the speakers were insightful and I will definitely be coming back to the next one :) 


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