Helping NYC Youth L.E.A.P forward!

Helping more NYC Youth get internships this summer, who could dispute that! This great program is helping to connect employers with talented, motivated interns to help them launch their careers in growing and in-demand industries. Careers for Women (& Men) are proud to support this program on behalf of NYC youth.

“LEAP (Learn as you Earn Advancement Program) is a great opportunity for employers to select ambitious, skilled, goal oriented interns to work at their organizations at a cost effective rate! The LEAP Program connects Associate and Certificate candidates to employer paid internships in growing, in-demand occupations.  Students will be classroom trained on soft skills, and will receive career counseling support during, and post internship. Participating employers also have the option of hiring students they have trained as full time employees upon completion of their degree program. Our participants are ready to be placed in the following sectors: Administrative, Accounting/Bookkeeping, Information Technology/Web Development.”

For more information, please call:

Danielle Schweibert, LEAP Program Manager

Phone: 347-286-1624