Attracting Talent

Attracting top talent has become an art over the past decade. Companies like Google and Facebook have developed rich employer brands, with universally identifiable work-life reputations. Their company names are now synonymous with their unusual perks—onsite massage! Farm-to-table cuisine! State-of-the-art gyms! However, Employer Brand extends beyond extravagant corporate perks. No matter the size or budget of the organization, there are several ways companies can begin to shape their employer brands and market themselves effectively. We help clients assess the current company culture, realize their desired company culture, and ultimately, make sure that culture is communicated effectively and through the right channels.

How We Do It


Have a strong company culture but it’s not well marketed? Or are you lacking a clear company culture and want to further define who you are as an employer? We can help with both.


We identify key selling points and work with your internal marketing team to convey those selling points across platforms and in your organic marketing materials that are most likely to attract talent.


We conduct pre- and post-audits to determine growth and change in -perception of company culture among the team.