Allie joined the CFW team in 2016 as a Sourcing Assistant and Recruiting Coordinator, and transitioned into her role as a Talent Consultant after completing her M.A. in Comparative Politics at New York University. In addition to her responsibilities as a Talent Consultant, Allie is also the Event Coordinator for CFW’s women’s initiative, Changing the Conversation, which addresses the obstacles facing women and diversity in the workplace (join us here to receive updates on our events!).


Through her work at CFW, Allie is able to both help candidates navigate life changes and move the needle for women’s rights – two passions that she’s proud to incorporate into her own career. 


In her free time, Allie loves to explore the East Village and find new coffee spots to get her caffeine fix. She’ll jump on a plane any chance she gets, and is passionate about experiencing new places, cultures and people.




"When I was finishing up my undergraduate degree, CFW Careers was the perfect environment not only to work, but also to help develop my professional skills. CFW gave me invaluable insight into a variety of different industries, as well as how various companies conduct their interview and hiring processes. Beyond the logistic knowledge that I've gained, however, is what I've learned by watching an office of strong businesswomen and recruiters who truly care about their clients and candidates. I'm so happy to have the opportunity to work in a place where I am constantly learning and developing who I am as a person and young professional."