CFW Careers Is A True Talent Partner

With 43 years of experience consulting with companies across industries on hiring B2B sales people (with a special focus on hiring women!) and hiring best practices, we’ve continued to cultivate specialized expertise in talent attraction, acquisition, and development.

Employer Brand, one of our specialties, is a key (and often, overlooked) issue in today's corporate hiring landscape, and it’s one area we offer consulting around. 

Employer brand is an organization’s reputation as an employer and its value proposition to employees (rather than to customers), and the term covers everything from how you attract and retain talent, to how you consistently communicate company culture and values throughout the organization.  


We help identify, develop, and amplify your employer brand so that the "right" talent finds you. No matter the size or budget of the organization, we help shape your employer brand and market yourselves effectively.


We advise on the most effective ways to communicate your company's employer brand through everything from job descriptions to recruitment efforts to interview process.


We assess internal structures and help develop pathways for employee growth and satisfaction, and generate ways to keep employees engaged and connected to their sense of purpose within the company.

Attracting Talent


Attracting top talent has become an art over the past decade. Companies like Google and Facebook have developed rich employer brands, with universally identifiable work-life reputations. Their company names are now synonymous with their unusual perks—onsite massage! Farm-to-table cuisine! State-of-the-art gyms! However, Employer Brand extends beyond extravagant corporate perks. No matter the size or budget of the organization, there are several ways companies can begin to shape their employer brands and market themselves effectively. We help clients assess the current company culture, realize their desired company culture, and ultimately, make sure that culture is communicated effectively and through the right channels.


How We Do It


Have a strong company culture but it’s not well marketed? Or are you lacking a clear company culture and you want to further define who you are as an employer? We can help with both.


CFW will audit current practices and sentiments across the organization. Then, we’ll recommend strategies to improve company culture, market that culture effectively. We identify key selling points and work with your internal marketing team to convey those selling points across platforms in your organic marketing materials that are most likely to attract talent.

3. Measure

We conduct pre- and post-audits to determine growth and change in perception of company culture among the team.


Hiring Talent

The hiring process is the bridge between attracting the right candidates and ultimately, bringing them into your organization.  It's a critical step in not only securing the right talent, but generating positive word of mouth about your company. Candidates are typically interviewing at several companies, weighing each opportunity to determine which is the best one for them. We can help make your interview process run more smoothly both by providing recruiting services and by developing an interview process that results in more offer acceptances and an overall positive employer reputation.


How We Do It

1. Recruiting

Looking to save yourself loads of time in the initial recruiting and interview process? Having trouble finding qualified candidates for your jobs? We help network your positions, identify top notch candidates, and screen them through multiple rounds of interviews before we even put them in front of you, ensuring that you are only spending your valuable time meeting with the select few.

2. Interviewing

We are expert in the interview process, and we know what makes it both efficient and effective. We offer consulting on topics ranging from who should be involved to what questions are best and what follow-up processes ensure candidates leave feeling like their time was respected and well-spent, regardless of whether or not they get the job.

1. Benchmarking

We host small group sessions and roundtables throughout the year for managers at different stages of their career (ranging from new to senior-level). Managers can benchmark with one another on topics ranging from hiring practices, to managing difficult or challenging employees, to managing up.


Retaining Talent

Retaining talent includes everything from the moment of hire to years into an employee’s tenure. How you retain your talent informs how you’re attracting new talent, so this becomes key in your long-term employer brand strategy. We help clients develop comprehensive, turn-key onboarding programs, company culture strategies, and employee retention strategy, all designed to minimize the high cost of employee turnover.


1. Onboarding Assessment

Our process begins with a thorough audit of your current onboarding practices. We identify key elements of your current process and opportunities for improvement.


We develop an easy-to-implement and maintain, company specific program. We work together with both the manager and new hires to ensure adoption and a successful outcome.


The cost of replacing an employee can get expensive when you consider the cost of attracting, interviewing, hiring, and training the individual (in addition to the loss you take for not having someone currently in the role!). Improving your onboarding program pays for itself throughout the organization:
- onboarding influences overall employer brand, which is a key reason why employees stay (or leave) a company
- a strong onboarding program (and employer brand) serves to attract new talent to your organization
- companies with strong, positive employer brand often see reductions in the overall cost of new hires relative to companies with weak or negative employer brand.