CFW Careers Is A True Talent Partner

With 43 years of experience consulting with companies across industries on hiring B2B sales people (with a special focus on hiring women!) and hiring best practices, we’ve continued to cultivate specialized expertise in talent attraction, acquisition, and development.

Employer Brand, one of our specialties, is a key (and often, overlooked) issue in today's corporate hiring landscape, and it’s one area we offer consulting around. 

Employer brand is an organization’s reputation as an employer and its value proposition to employees (rather than to customers), and the term covers everything from how you attract and retain talent, to how you consistently communicate company culture and values throughout the organization.  


We help identify, develop, and amplify your employer brand so that the "right" talent finds you. No matter the size or budget of the organization, we help shape your employer brand and market yourselves effectively.


We advise on the most effective ways to communicate your company's employer brand through everything from job descriptions to recruitment efforts to interview process.


We assess internal structures and help develop pathways for employee growth and satisfaction, and generate ways to keep employees engaged and connected to their sense of purpose within the company.