David King, Chairman & Founder


David has the day to day privilege of observing a group of very talented women do things better and faster than he could ever do. If he were not the founder, no one would even ask who he is or what he does. And that doesn’t bother him one bit. 

David King founded CFW Careers as Careers For Women, Inc in 1973.
At the time, this was the only organization in the world whose sole purpose was to attract, train and place women in the Executive Sales Profession.


History of CFW Careers

When David founded Careers for Women in 1973, most women didn’t know about “executive sales” jobs or how suitable they would be for them. Most women didn’t understand why business-to-business selling had many career advantages, not just greater compensation but also increased job opportunities, career advancement potential and even a new kind of personal fulfillment.

Our business was to educate women about “Executive Sales,” a term we coined in 1973.

Our main focus was training in the form of seminars. We offered up to fourteen 3-hour seminars including “Why Sales?” “How to Select a Career Path in Executive Sales,” “How to Sell at the Business Lunch,” “How to Construct and Give Sales Presentations,” and “How to Sell Advertising Space.”

No one else had ever done this before, so someone wrote a newspaper article about us in The Chicago Tribune. Then someone else wrote another newspaper article. And then there were several more.

Next, magazines wrote about what we were doing for women, including Family Circle, Essence, Women’s Daily and close to 50 others. Our founder, David King, wrote a book in 1979, The Best Way in the World for a Woman to Make Money, and it warranted personal TV appearances on “Good Morning America,” “AM Chicago,” “Detroit,” followed by appearances in Cleveland, Toronto, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Honolulu, and more. 

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Over 40 Years

Now, just past our 43rd anniversary, we have placed more than 50,000 women and men in Executive Sales and related areas and, in the process, launched and advanced their successful careers. We’re proud of our heritage, the work we do, and the difference we’ve made in the professional lives of those we serve.